Music, Dues & Registration

For Current Boulder Concert Chorale and Chamber Chorale Members

Online Registration

Returning members or new members who have been admitted to the chorale may register for 2018-19 online here.
If you are new to the Chorale, please visit the audition page here.

Dues and Fees

Boulder Concert Chorale
Dues are $275 per year and are due before the third rehearsal.

Boulder Chamber Chorale
Dues  are $75 per year and are due before the third rehearsal.

Purchase of Sheet Music
Concert and Chamber Chorale members purchase and own the sheet music for performances. Music is secured by the Chorale Librarian who makes it available to members and collects payment at rehearsals. Sheet music charges vary but are always substantially less than dues. Individual members need not repurchase music that they already own.

Payment Plans and Financial Assistance
The Boulder Chorale has a robust financial assistance program supported by the Josephine Bynder Financial Aid Fund. To discuss a payment plan or financial assistance please contact Jasmine Thompson, Volunteer Registrar, at