Archived Rehearsal Aids

A Season of Infinite Possibilities
Holiday Concert YouTube playlist  /  
Holiday Concert practice files
Holiday Concert 2021 Chamber Chorale

Messiah – December 2021 Chamber Chorale
Messiah Choruses

A World in Harmony – Fall 2021


YouTube Playlist for Concert Chorale
Practice parts by vocal section
(Lux Aeterna, And So It Goes, Underneath the Stars, Alleluia (from “Brazilian Psalm”), Gloria (from “Missa Brevis…”)

Practice files for POP songs   (Africa, My Cherie Amour, September, Tiny Dancer, You Really Got Me)

Practice parts for “All of Us”

We are the Ones We are Waiting Fordownload lyrics | download MP3
Please note, we do not have music for this, just the lyrics and MP3

Cherubini MP3 Files  (movements 1-7)

Brightest & Best Holiday Concert 

Rhythm Planet – all rep/all parts

Dvorak rehearsal tracks with real voices, thank you Marcia Ginley!

Stabat Mater Latin Translation from Susan.

Translation and information about Stabat Mater

Bass, baritone, and tenor parts for Son de la Loma from Susan Olenwine.

Bass rehearsal parts for Mardi Gras from Susan Olenwine.

Youtube Video of Syler “Missions”

Mardi Gras MP3s – Google Drive link. Thank you, Cynthia Rosengren!

“Practice Parts for “A Little Jazz Mass” – Link to

Mardi Gras Youtube play list from Vicki

Rehearsal recordings for the Holiday Concert – thank you, Cynthia, for extracting the music from the Youtube play list!
Youtube play list from Vicki

Chan Chan with Pete Seeger’s Grandson singing – thank you to Marian Bussey!

Cleaned up Negro Bembon Score – thank you to Ray Knudson and Cynthia Rosengren!

Google Drive Folder with MP3s of the Messiah Choruses – Thank you, Cynthia Rosengren!

Youtube Playlist of only the Messiah Parts we are doing, tenor only – thank you to Kirk Maple!

Google Drive Folder with all practice tracks for the Cuban concert including a folder of practice tracks for the Latin Dance Medley.

Messiah – Saint Mary’s Singers of Sidney Practice Parts – thank you to Caroline Carlson!

Youtube Playlist for Cuban concert from Dr. Vicki
MP3s of that YouTube Playlist – thank you to Cynthia Rosengren!

Supplemental Sacred Music Practicing Recordings from Susan

Sacred Music Practice Recordings from NOVA Community Chorus
(scroll down, it’s the 12th post on this page, or use “Ctrl+F” to search for Ellington).
YouTube Play List from Dr. Vicki

Pronunciation Guide for Mozart Requiem

Youtube play list for “Between Heaven and Earth” from Dr. Vicki

Practice aids for March Concerts

Youtube playlist for the holiday concert

Pronunciation Recordings from Andrea Zorzutti
Phoenetic Pronunciation to Ile Aiye and Magalenha to fit Soprano Parts from Marian Bussey
Information about Solos in the Carnival Brazil Concert

Portuguese Pronunciation Guide

Practice recordings for Boulder Chorale Fall 2017

Youtube playlist for the Brazilian Concert in October 2017

Tour Rehearsal Aids for the Ireland Tour

Brazilian Music Youtube playlist for the Chamber Singers for the October 2017 concert

This one isn’t free but is professional singers:
And this one for German diction:

Cindy Practice Parts (2 versions)

Bluegrass Mass practice parts (2 ways)

Practice Recordings for Chamber Singers

Practice Recordings for the Full Chorale

Youtube playlist for Fall 2016

Youtube playlist for Chamber Fall 2016

Chamber “Go Tell It:”

Any and all practice materials will be available here:

Practice Recordings for Chamber Singers

Practice recordings are available here:

Practice Resources, from Ethan Hecht:
I have added new versions of River of Entangled Voices. All parts now have a recording that is just the part and one that has the rest but with the volume turned down on all but your part.

I also reorganized the MP3 folder so that there is a folder for each section. Hopefully this makes it easier for you to find your parts.

The link is

Everyone should now be able to access this just by clicking on the link. You should be able to listen to the recordings right in the browser window.


Practice Recordings!

When you click the link it will download to your computer. This is a new adventure for us and we may try it different ways, so please let me know if you have trouble or feedback at or 303-912-6725.

From Susan:
These recordings will hopefully help you learn your individual parts. They are not fancy, and might not even be perfect, but are pretty close. Please pay close attention to both the notes and the rhythms. I did not do separate recordings for divided parts, e.g., baritone/bass, first and second soprano. Some of these are just for Chamber Singers. Good luck!


All my heart soprano
Blackbird soprano
O sacrum soprano
Rockin’ Jerusalem soprano
Song of Peace soprano


All my heart alto
Blackbird alto
O sacrum alto
Rockin’ Jerusalem alto
Song of Peace alto


All my heart tenor
Blackbird tenor
O sacrum tenor
Rockin’ Jerusalem tenor
Song of Peace tenor


All my heart baritone-bass
Blackbird bass
O sacrum bass
Rockin’ Jerusalem bass
Song of Peace bass

9/16/15 – Weekly Rehearsal Notes and Assignments from Dr. Vicki

Good Afternoon, BC Singers!
Thank you for a very good rehearsal last night – you worked hard and it showed.
First up: remember to attend “Vines for Voices” this Sunday. It’s going to be fantastic, and we can all pretend we live at Susan’s house. 🙂 Bring a friend and support the Chorale!
As you know, some weeks I will send out reminders to you if I think it will help you. So, here goes:
1. The main thing you should be doing in your daily practice (besides warming up) is working on the Brahms. a) Listen to the German from the link I sent you to the San Francisco Choral Arts Society.The goal is for the language in the poem to become second nature to you, and that will take a LOT of time and effort! Move your mouth into the correct positions – exaggerate for now. b) Learn your vocal parts. They are also on the SF Choral Arts Society website. c) Listen to, and sing along with, the full version on YouTube. I recommend the Robert Shaw recording. It’s important for you to have the CONTEXT of what you are singing. Listen vertically as well as horizontally. Mark in your score what instruments you hear. How are they interacting with the chorus? d) Put together the language and the vocal line. Be very disciplined about accurate pronunciation and moving to the next note at the correct time. Our mantra: “The right note at the wrong time is the wrong note.” 
2. Work on your memorization of “Hope for Resolution.” Oh, and your clicks. 🙂
3. Chamber Chorale: work on all the pieces, and your memorization of “Tres Kantos” and “Tsosholotza.” Look, particularly, at the middle section of “Tshosholotza.” Please learn the notes for the second half of “O Sacrum,” and listen to “Song of Peace.”
Thank you!

Dr. Vicki Burrichter, Artistic Director, The Boulder Chorale
PH: (303) 668-6215
“When we all sing with one voice, the world will stop and listen.”
Robert Shaw