Thank You to Our Donors

We gratefully recognize the following individuals, companies, and organizations that supported the Boulder Chorale
between July 2020 and June 2021.

City of Boulder
Colorado Creative Industries
Barbara Roach
Scientific and Cultural Facilities District

CHORALE MARQUEE $2,500—$4,999
Boulder Convention and Visitors Bureau and Create Boulder
Brehm Family Charitable Fund
Edie Cheng and Bill Penuel
King Soopers Community Rewards

Boulder Arts Commission
Ruth Arnold
Charles Schwab and Co.
Paula M Ray
Pat Read and Bill Shunk
Elaine Schnabel

Anonymous—In honor of Luna Bernoski
Karen and William Bell
Gail and Richard Biek
Tessa Cheek
Janet and Bob Evans
Nancy and Gordon Goodman
Pamela and Robert Guthrie
Mary Ann and Jeff Hay
Greg Herring
William Spindler

Cynthia and Charles Anderson
Anonymous Donor thru Community Foundation Boulder County
Ball Corporation Employee Match
Dr Vicki Burrichter
Dominique and Jake Fratkin
Peg and Marty Gorce
Julie and Jeff Hale
Erika Kasuga
Ray Knudson
Sarah Myers and Scott Semple
Phoebe Norton
Susan Olenwine and Dr. Frank Palermo
Leslie Ratica and Sam Richman
Michelle and David Somers
Rowena Spencer
Elyn and Tom Tromey
Jeanette and Brad Walters
John Weissman
Beth Zacharisen and Eugene Yen

Anonymous—In honor of Dr. Melynie Campbell
Anonymous—In honor of Cynthia Anderson
Susan Arends
Dede and Rob Beardsley
Lee Bentz and Michael Brandemuehl
Anne Blasing and Susan Schmidt
Susan Bryant
Dorothy D. Ciarlo
Jocelyn Corkin and Peter Mortimer
Ratna and RK Dodani
Kristin Flewelling
Kathleen Fry
Beverly Gourley and Fred Bowers
Rebecca and Huybert Groenendaal
JeanAnn Hanson
Paul Haynes
Jeannette and David Hillery
Anne Hyde and Jim McCall
Mary Lou Kizer
Baiba and Michael Lennard
Linda Lewellyn
Donald Lewis
Laura Moore
Maria and James Olsen
Natalya Paramonova and Oleg Koptelov
Christie Randolph
Tula and Ken Roberge
Herb Rodriguez
Diane Saji and Vijay Prince
Andrea and Paul Schmitt
JoAn Segal
Victor and Phyllis Smith
Margaret and Eric Tilton
Hongli Wang and Man Zhang
Patricia Waters
Mary and Phil Weisbach
Diane Weller
Sharman and Brent Wilson
John Wright
Carolyn Zacharisen
Zia Consulting, Inc.

MaryAnn Amari
Lois and Daniel Anderson
Damaris Andrews and Ken Goldman
Anonymous—In honor of Margaret Lujan
David and Kali Ashton
Ramona Bailey
Kari Bartkus
Debra Biasca
Julayne Campbell
Christina Carlson
Gail Chadwell and Michael Rollins
Jennifer and Thomas Cope
Jodie Cottrell
Ron and Jean Craig
Hannah and Peter Cuviello
Kathleen and Roy Dawson
Toni and Eric Erickson
Tom French
Lori and Matt Fuller
Lorree Gabossi
Miriam Gilbert
Marcia Ginley
Karla Hale
Eric Hansen
Sue Hintz-Siegrist
Ulrich Hoischen
Marcie Horowitz
Vala and Bruce Hudspeth
Brad Huntting
Joanne and Wes Johnson
Hans Jordan
Karon Kelly
John M. Lee
Nancy and Paul Levitt
Kerry Lightenburger
Nancy Lillie
Miriam and Tom Lindahl
Sue Lion
Loretta Lockett
Bonnie Mettler and Eric Lindemann
Calista Morrill and Paul Berge
Glenda Mostek
Judith and Brian Newton
K.S. and Robert Norris
Valerie Norton
Oracle Employee Match
John Ostlund
Pamela Puhl-Quinn
Wendy and Leif Redal
Judith Reid and Richard Collins
Amelia Roberts
Sandra Rosewell
Jennifer and Stephen Ross
Elizabeth Rowland
Judy Snook
Julie Stuenkel
Jennifer and Paul Tagley
Ms. Connie Takamine and Ms. Joyce Takamine
Kathryn and William Terrill
Kathy Vickery
Kristin Weisbach
Madeline Wilson
Asher Woolverton
Lezlie and Norman Wright

In Memory of Vici DeHaan
JoAn Segal

In Memory of Glen Dobbs
JoAn Segal

In Memory of Linda Farrell
Dede and Rob Beardsley
Tula and Ken Roberge
Herb Rodriguez
Wayne Seltzer

In-Kind Donations of Artistic and Professional Services
Integrity Arts
Holly Near
Dr. Susan Russell

Vehicle Donations
Tessa Cheek, Patricia Waters, and Dr. Vicki Burrichter
Edie Cheng and Bill Penuel

In honor of JoAn Segal’s 90th Birthday Celebration
Ruth Arnold
Debra Biasca
Dr. Vicki Burrichter
Janet and Bob Evans
Nancy and Gordan Goodman
Eric Hansen
Karon Kelly
Ray Knudson
Miriam Lindahl
Phoebe Norton
Edie Cheng and Bill Penuel
Elaine Schnabel

In honor of Julie Hale’s Birthday Celebration
Dr. Vicki Burrichter
Jean and Ron Craig
Tom French
Lorree Gabossi
Julie and Jeff Hale
Karla Hale
Ulrich Hoischen
JoAn Segal
Kathy Vickery
Lezlie Wright




Please contact us if you have included the Chorale in your estate plans so we may recognize your generosity.

For more information about sponsorship, please contact us at 303-554-7692 or

The Boulder Chorale is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and donations are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.