Mahler Symphony No. 2 with Colorado MahlerFest

Macky Auditorium - 17th Street & University Avenue

3:30 PM

Mahler Symphony No. 2 with Colorado MahlerFest

Kenneth Woods, Music Director
Dr. Vicki Burrichter, Artistic Director (chorus director)
Larisa Dreger, Asst. Artistic Director (chorus director)

The Boulder Concert Chorale ends its season performing at Macky Auditorium with the MahlerFest Orchestra in Symphony No. 2 (“Resurrection”) by Gustav Mahler. This work was one of Mahler’s most popular and successful works during his lifetime. It was the first major work to establish his lifelong view of the beauty of the afterlife and resurrection. It was voted the fifth greatest symphony of all time in a survey of conductors by BBC Music Magazine.

Photo: Eugene Yen

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17th Street & University Avenue
Boulder, CO