50 Years in Photos

Little did we expect, when we sang here in L’Aquila, Italy, that this beautiful church of Collemaggio would be destroyed only a few years later in a terrible earthquake. After the concert, the church choir hosted a lovely reception for us.  They sang for us and we all sang together – “Sharing Our Love of Song.”


2007 found us in Greece. Kim (Needham) Watkins leads us here as we prepare to join a Greek community chorus in the Athens suburb of Voula. Afterward, there was a party and Greek dancing!



Kate Klotz, Artistic Director of the Boulder Children’s Chorale, leads the Prep 1 and Prep 2 choirs in rehearsal before the 2014 Holiday concert.



The Vatican in 2003, in St. Peter’s Basilica.  It was so hot, the men removed their heavy jackets.



Some of the male contingent on our 2005 Austrian tour.  Paul Haynes, Dick Williams, Artistic Director Tim Snyder, Pianist Michael Mastronicola, and Wren Fritzlan.



The Great Wall was one of the highlights of our 2001 tour to China. Artistic Director Ray Yiu is in the center of the group.



Carolyn Bowles (Wayland) leads a quartet of singers preparing for a series of Christmas concerts in 1971. Jim Topping is at the left.




This picture is from 1989 and Greg Norton, then the new Artistic Director, leads the Chorale in Mozart’s Requiem.


Our 2005 tour was to Austria.  Here at the hillside Wallfahrtskirche Baskilika Maria Plain outside Salzburg, we sang from the choir loft as Michael Mastronicola, Organist, watches and Tim Snyder rehearses us.




The Chorale’s first tour, to China, was spearheaded by Ray Liu, our Artistic Director (2000 – 2001), and led by Timothy Snyder. Here Ray rehearses us for a performance in Xi’An.



Kim Needham Watkins was the Chorale’s Assistant Director from 2002–2009 and Boulder Children’s Chorale Artistic Director, 2009–2014. The fundraisers she worked on, including 2009’s “It’s Raining Men,” were a delight. In the photo Paul Haynes, Jeff Hale, Brad Huntting, Sam Richman, Michael McLane, Herb Rodriguez, Joe Frank, and Greg Herring sing “There is Nothing Like a Dame.”


This is the 2014 Holiday concert. Susan Olenwine is at the piano. Singers are sopranos Lisa Phillips, Tula Roberge, Liesl Bryant, ?, ?, Baiba Lennard, and Mary Weisbach.





On tour in Costa Rica. Ben Riggs leads the tour choir in the gymnasium of Miguel de Cervantes Saavedrahope School where we volunteered, taught some classes, and gave the eager children a little concert.



Boulder Chorale, with Boulder Children’s Chorale at our holiday concert, December 2014, at First United Methodist Church in Boulder.


Gregory Norton leads the Boulder Chorale in Mendelssohn’s Elijah in March 1990 at First United Methodist Church in Boulder.


In October 2014, Artistic Director Dr. James Kim programmed an all-Lauridsen concert.  Here we see tenors and basses at the dress rehearsal. Left to right are Tim Timblin, Brad Walters, Britt Ripley, John Lee, Sam Richman, Justin Burry, Greg Herring, and John Wright.


Carolyn Bowles leads a dress rehearsal, with orchestra, in May 1977.



Dr. Vicki Burrichter began her Artistic Directorship in July 2015.  Here she is rehearsing the Chamber Chorale in October, just before that group sang at four Boulder County breweries for their first ever Booo-ery Tour on Halloween.


The Boulder Children’s Chorale, founded in 2008, began operation in the fall of 2009.  Here they perform at Barnes & Noble in March 2014.




Here we are at Chautauqua in 2003. It was a beautiful day, the photographer posed us, and then we were surprised by the Park Ranger. We were told that we were breaking the law because we had no permit. We did give her a ticket to the next concert, but she was very dubious about us!


Another tour! This one, our second, was to Italy in 2003.  Here singers Ruth Arnold and Laura Meyers, and Artistic Director, Timothy Snyder chat with Cardinal J. F. Stafford, from Denver, who was our entrée to the Vatican, through the intercession of Chorale member Miriam Lindahl. We sang at St. Peter’s at an afternoon mass.



This is Carolyn Bowles conducting the chorale at a concert in 1980. She was the Chorale’s longest-serving artistic director, conducting from 1968 to 1986.



The Boulder Chorale started a tradition of touring in 2001 and have traveled seven times in all. This photo was taken in 2005 in Vienna, Austria, at the Karlskirche, in front of a beautiful gilded altar. Tim Snyder conducted.