One Song, One Boulder!

A major project of our anniversary year will be the One Song, One Boulder! project.  With this effort, we hope to build a sense of community in Boulder through singing.  We singers enjoy immensely the experience of singing with others.  Only a few of us are professional soloists.  What we love is singing together with others, blending our voices in a communal experience.  We’d like to share that joy with others who may never have had this experience (or at least not since elementary school!)

We will reach out to at least 50 groups (in honor of our 50 years) – groups of children in schools and after-school activities, groups of adults where they work or play, groups of seniors where they live or meet.  Of course, we will be happy to include singing groups, but we are aiming to include diverse groups of people, especially those who don’t sing regularly.  Each group will sing the same song (Sing, Sing a Song) and will record their singing on their cell phones.  (We have helpers to teach the song or aid in the recording.)  We hope people will share their cell-phone concerts on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.  We’ll have prizes for categories such as “Silliest Group,”  “Smallest Group,” and “Best-Costumed Group”.