Boulder Chorale: Boulder’s Oldest and Largest Community Chorus

For more than 56 years, the Boulder Chorale has been a source of musical inspiration, education, and collaboration within the Boulder community. Our mission is to enrich and inspire a broad community through music.

In 1966, members of the chorus of the Boulder Civic Opera decided to become a separate entity, available to the Opera for performances but also rehearsing and performing independently. The group consisted of five sopranos, five altos, and three men. And that was the start.

The Boulder Chorale is intergenerational. More than 200 singers, ages 5 to over 80, perform in six ensembles at free concerts, high-profile community events, and traditional performances.


Our mission is to enrich and inspire a broad community through music.


The Boulder Chorale is recognized as a premier choral community.


Musical Excellence:
 We are dedicated to the pursuit of musical excellence.

  • Singers are motivated to give their best effort and are proud of their participation.
  • Audience members are transported by the musicality, artistry, and unity of sound and inspired by our programming.
  • Our choirs receive praise and excellent reviews and are sought out for collaborative performances

Education: We educate on the creation, production, and appreciation of music.

  • Every rehearsal is a lesson and each concert feels like a personal recital; singers take ownership and feel joy in their accomplishments.
  • Audience members learn about the music in an active way and are encouraged on their path to appreciate music.

Community: We strive to be representative of the community and enhance it through performances and outreach initiatives.

  • Each singer feels welcomed, engaged, respected, and connected.
  • We contribute to the musical landscape in Boulder and beyond through accessible performances and participation in community events.

Collaboration: We engage in artistic collaborations and partnerships.

  • We work with a wide variety of organizations including those that are not music based.
  • Our audience grows because of our unique collaborations.
  • Musicians and organizations are eager to work with us because of our reputation.

Solidarity: Our members respect and take pride in each other, the music, and all ensembles of the Boulder Chorale.

  • Our internal community – singers, parents, staff, board members, and volunteers – know each other, care about each other, have common goals, and are invested in the organization’s success.
  • Singers value the diversity of our choirs and programming, including those in which they do not directly participate.
  • We are recognized as a diverse and welcoming group.

Vitality: We are committed to the success and vitality of the Boulder Chorale.

  • We are a fiscally responsible, financially stable organization with the resources to take risks on adventurous programming within our mission.
  • Our internal community contributes to and benefits from the success of the Boulder Chorale.
  • We attract, recruit, and develop singers, board members, staff, and volunteers of all ages.